Saturday, January 2, 2010

base and deck

i am starting to think more about how i can build my base and the best way to build the deck for printing on, so i am running different ideas though my head on how to build it and what to build it out of.

i am thinking i will put the frame on a board of HDF or MDF what ever i can find our buy, but for the bearings and the moving parts i am still stuck on using some sort of tube, and use 3 bearing to secure it, or just to use  a metal track. i think this way it may need less parts but it will not be has secure.

i am also trying to figure out the best way to move up and down the Z axis belting is the most simple, but if i use a treaded rod i think it will be allot more sturdy, and accurate.

but for now, i should just work on the frame i think and one step at a time.

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