Sunday, January 24, 2010

eventful past few days

now that my week of holidays is over it is back to work yay.

but i have decided that i will be going with a clone of the arduino mega it is the DFRduino it is just a different color that is about all this is where i found it and where i will be ordering it from, but i think for now it is my best choice.

there has been some intersting chats going on at the reprap user forums been learning allot over the past few days, from what i have been reading i should also be starting to think about building my extruder too, so far about all i have gotten on there is the fact i want to use a mig welding tip has my extruding tip.

what has not helped me too much over the past few days is the power outages i have been getting, they even stopped me from working.

but i still have allot of thing i need to get, for this project, i am in the progress of trying to find a few dead scanners, and one or two bigger inkjets to see if they have the steppers i will need.

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