Sunday, January 31, 2010


this is just about my luck is seems that for now everything i have orders for my arduino is out of stock, though i think they have gotton the arduino now, there stock changed on friday but i dont think it will be sent out untill monday, but just about everything else i have wanted so far is out of stock, so yay.

but i am trying to get a few more things, finding some parts is proving to be more of a challange than i wanted. so am none to happy about that. i am trying to get any parts i can out of some scanners, or printers, but getting them in my mall town has proven to be allot harder than i was thinking it would be.

but i am glad i could get what i wanted so far, so thats good.

i am trying to think about building my extruder and trying to think about where i can get some material for my print bed some nice thick aluminum would be great, but hard to find at the moment.

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