Monday, January 11, 2010


well today i learned a very good thing indeed, i learned that i may be able to make things in sketchup for my reprap. this news made me very happy. i am not the best with cad programs and i do not find them all that nice to use some days, but this one i can use, i hope to find out in the forums if this has worked for other people, i hope so any how.

and in a few days i will have enough in the bank to order the first parts for my reprap and that will be the arduino mega, so i am happy.


  1. ok you are the 3rd or 4th person to say Sketch up is easy.. gona give it a go tomorow.

  2. i like it allot i do know know how to make stuff like gears in it, but i find it great for modeling stuff, and that is what i use it for, i have seen some pretty impressive stuff done in it. but my skills are pretty basic in the 3d modeling though, but i do like that you are working with surfaces on sketchup but its not the most powerful one out there but very friendly.

  3. I've been using sketchup to make models for my makerbot, it works really well (although it is lacking a lot of features). You just need to get a plugin to allow you to export the models in stl format.