Sunday, February 14, 2010


well i started to do a little work on my bed i got a small stepper mounted to it. that i got from a printer i was given for parts, kinda wish it had some more stuff in it that i could use. but i got what i could get,

it was a pain drilling out the hole for it, i didnt have any drill bits bigger than .5 inch and i needed to make it .6 to get the pully through the hole, so it took longer than i would have liked. but i got her done, and mounted. the pully on the one side i just glued in for now just to see how she would fit. i didnt think i would be needing a shorter belt for it, but at least that is allot less trouble than needing a bigger one.

at least i am getting more and more done, so i am happy.

my uncle is sending me some old part he has so i will have some more stuff to work with here soon too.

the funny part is that i just used pc case screws to attach the stepper motor to the


  1. Great work looks good.... Its very nice to see you are using those bits as
    I have 4 sets like that and plastic spingy tensioners out of my Lexmark printers..

    Scanners have almost the same bits they dont driect drive belt as they have a 3 gear gear box with a clothes peg type spring for tensioning the belt.
    I need to take a gear box apart to count teeth next to see if they will get the resolution I need without using microstepping.

    I have just bought a some microstepping chips to play So need to get my mind around using KiCad as they are Surface mount devices.

  2. for not it is just attached with hot glue i will need to find a better way to attach it soon, and to use up the slack from the belt.

    but thank you any how, i hope i can get more done soon