Friday, February 26, 2010

i just remembered what i forgot to order

hey there hows it going, today was a good day overall though i just remembered what i forgot to order. i got in my jumper wires today, and a stm8s-discovery today that my friend Trever got for me, i should find out how much i owe him for it, not much if i remember right. but what i forgot to order was some resistors the beginners parts kit from sparkfun dose not have any in it. just to make matters worse it says so right in its description.

but over all i am very glad to get what i got over the past few days, so i am happy. though i do wonder why canada post seems to have such a hard time tracking orders some times.

so i am getting a step closer to being about to get to my goal now so i am very happy about that.

if i have too i will use that other board i got to control the extruder, i think that will be a good use for it, allot of memery on it though. even more than my arduino so overall i am liking it allot, though i will say this i am finding  that the software for it is not nearly has nice has the arduino but the board i like.

but today i did order the stuff i was missing, it is being sent snail mail so it will not get here all that fast, i orded a resistor kit from spark fun, and a RGB led, and some m/f jumper wires, it was pretty much 25 dollars so i though i should try to get has close to that as i could.

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