Monday, March 29, 2010

sorry been some time

sorry it have been some time since my last post, work has been keeping me busy.

i have gotten some new stuff in lately, one nice thing i got was a new soldering station it was not the one that i wanted at first but i did not want to wait until the end of next month to order it so i got a cheaper one for now

but i like it so far heats up fast and seems to work well for me, so i am happy, if i come across some more money i may order the better one i wanted, but time will tell.

i also got a sparkfun easy driver for my steppers but i think i killed it, it fell of the table when the stepper jerked at the wires, and i think it might have done it in, all it dose now is just vibrate the stepper motors. oh well what can ya do.

but i am still trying to find more parts that i need, so i hope i can do more soon, but hey i am getting more of the tools i need for this project and my garden too. so its all good

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