Wednesday, April 28, 2010


today i got back part of my extruder, i think it will work great though i know it is not perfect, it is made from a bold so i am a little worried about how much heat it will suck up but i think for now it will do its job. and i will not have to worry about it too much if i have to drill it out.

i am still waiting on my order of stepper drivers from pololu i know its not there doing but the mail seems to be slow here this week i have had allot of things come here late this week or at least thats what i feels like .


  1. The word is 'bolt' and not 'bold'.
    James T. Kirk is bold, that is a bolt!

    Yes, I think the thermal mass will be high but of more interest is how are you going to thermally isolate it from the rest of your extruder?

  2. Since the nichrome is on the smaller brass/copper bit, why are you using the bolt? Wouldn't it make as much sense to simply screw the smaller brass bit into the thermal barrier? Or are you thinking that the bolt's top will be cool enough that it IS the thermal barrier? That must be it. Active cooling?

  3. part of my reason for using a bolt is that i wanted something that i could change when i needed to. this is where i decided to start in my trial and error process, i am worried about it getting to hot but i am also willing to see how well it works, what i may do is go to a shorter bolt and the top then add in another thermal isolator and see how well that works but i still have allot of things to do until i get that far still.

    ones of the reasons i wanted to try a bolt is that i wanted something that i could find without much trouble. and its kinda sad to say but i am more comfortable working with metal, has well. but this is still trial and error. so it may or may not work but i thought i would try it because i have not seen any one do it yet has well.