Thursday, April 22, 2010

getting more done

i am getting more done on my shield i think it is now at the point where the steppers should work when i can get them power i am still trying to find a better power supply for my steppers, though i do have a lead now, some of the fountains at my work have a power supply for 24v @ 1.5 A and so far that is what all my steppers are rated for so i might see if we have any extra in stock. but for some reason i don't think it will be that easy.
it is not perfect but i am getting there, this is also a bit of a test for me has i would like to know if this will work, and if i can get it to work i will start to design another one that will not only have more room but be greatly better laid out. but for now i am happy with my work until i can track down some better wire the solid wire i found even though it is 20 gauge is way to big for it still. i need something less rigid for my motor power wires.

i hope that my stepper get here soon from pololu i thought they would be here today but there is always tomorrow. i do wish there was a cheaper insured shipping option

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