Monday, April 19, 2010

a new stepper shield

well today i started to build a stepper shield for my arduino it is not a perfect way to do it but for me i think it will work well, if not it is a good start at least, i am trying to make mounts for 3 stepper motor drivers on this shield, but i know that i will also have to add in some end stop  inputs into it still too.  i am not sure how i will be doing my heated bed controller just yet has well.
i know i still have some work to do on it but i will to what i can this week after work. in time i would like to get one made up and designed properly but i do think i am on the right track now,

i am thinking that i will use another arduino for my extruder now, i think that is a good way to keep things a little more cleaner and more redundant too.

i also did get a small lcd screen has well that i am thinking i might try to integrate into my project too. and also in the same order i got in some of the parts i need for my end stops too, now


  1. Should you be putting 4 steppers on there?
    1 for each axis and 1 for the extruder.


    Stephen George

  2. I am trying the same thing
    but I think its important to have space for 6 steppers(xyz extruder 123) and 5 power mosfet associated heater drivers and fans. With obviously cooling for polulu boards on top and the mega underneath.

    I am still trying to work out the best accessabe layout and the best cooling air flow
    kind regards

  3. there was another layout that gave me more room for stuff like that but i was unable to do it on this shield i got it from seeed studio

    its lay out prevented me from doing it the way that would have left me more room. but i was not able to do that. but i am doing what i can with what i got.

    i am also planning on using another arduino for my extruder, and that one will get the extruder and the heating controls on it. that is another reason that i am not overly worried about my usage of space just yet, this is as much a proof of concept for me has it is what i am just doing what i can with what i got. i can also just use a ribbon cable to make another board with too. and i still may just go that route for the other parts if i need too.