Sunday, April 25, 2010


i started to test the shield that i am making, and it work, though not too well at first because i got my pin numbers wrong on 2 spots, i got them back wards when i flipped it over.

but they all motor driver positions seem to work and worked well has far has i can tell with 1 stepper driver controller. so i ended up moving it too the next spot each time.

i do hope the 3 more pololu stepper drivers get here soon it has been over 2 weeks now and thats all my last order took to get here, this is what i hate about unregistered mail. i just could not justify the cost to use insured post, it would have been double the cost  from what i remember.

so in the next few days i plan on trying it out on 2 steppers at once when i get my other drivers in. i hope it will work, i also need to start working on my power supply too i don't think my one wall wort will like running my whole reprap that might have a few bad side effects.

tomorrow i want to start working on my base to see if i cant get more of it together so i have some where to mount more stuff soon.

on a funny note i did manage to get my stepper to almost match a heart beat kinda funny.

oh this is where i found the code that i used to test my stepper motor and driver.,106.0.html

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