Friday, April 9, 2010

work on my extruder

i have started to do a little work on my extruder, i am going to use a mig welding tip has my extruder so far i think it is the best choice for me.

i am using a .035 tip so i think that will work for me, if not i can drill out the tip to a bigger size.
 i am trying to do my best to use what i can find to build it.

i am also looking into what to use to hold the nichrome wire in place too and to see what i can find here in my town

i am thinking some of the jb weld putty it says its good to 250F continuous 300f for s short time

i will need to start looking for a stepper from my extruder soon i think. i am currently short one


  1. Instead of JB Weld I used Bison 'Thousand degrees cement'. I needed multiple layers of it so I force-cured every layer in the gas oven for ten minutes (intead of the 24 hours mentioned in the instructions). When cured it is very hard but not verly brittle.


  2. JB weld has been tried, and was even the official "way to do it" for awhile. It was discovered that it degraded over time, and after a few hundred hours of use would break down, becoming brittle and cracking.

    Fire cement, a claylike material used in chimney and fireplace building and repair, is now recommended instead. Only problem is that it's usually sold in a multi-pound bucket. You'll only need an ounce or so. If you can find a chimney repair guy, maybe he'll give you some?

  3. i was thinking of another product that jb weld has at the store i am working at, but it is still not rated high engough, i was hopeing that it could work for me though.