Thursday, May 27, 2010

a little progress

last week i did manage to pickup a few bearings for my z axis  and i drilled some holes for them, and press fitted them in.

i need to get a few more things done still like gutting my ready rod cut down to size and to fine some way of  attaching them all so that they will all turn at the same time. i will need to see what i can find, and i hope i can find something soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

stepper driver noise and test code

i need to do some more work on my design i think, i can use one stepper driver alone and it works great but has soon has i get 2 or more on it, i dose now work nearly so well, i am not sure if it is a power issue i switched to a bigger wall wort, from 12V and 500 mA to one that is 12V 1000mA and it did seem to work a little better, so i will see if i have any  bigger ones and see what else i can find here too try.

but they all make allot more noise than they should, i added some capasitors and they helped allot but so far i need to figure out what my issue is, i think i will be remaking my board so that i can have a better power layout, and so that i have room to have the caps in the proper places.

that and i could use some help with my arduino, i am trying to figure out how to make my code so that all 3 steppers will turn at the same time, now they just do it one at a time. here is my code that i have modified from another site

**         More info about the project at:             **
**  **
**   by TigPT         at         [url=][/url]  **
int dirPin1 = 3;
int stepperPin1 = 2;
int dirPin2 = 5;
int stepperPin2 = 4;
int dirPin3 = 7;
int stepperPin3 = 6;
int dirPin4 = 9;
int stepperPin4 = 8;

void setup() {
  pinMode(dirPin1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(stepperPin1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(dirPin2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(stepperPin2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(dirPin3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(stepperPin3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(dirPin4, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(stepperPin4, OUTPUT);

void step(boolean dir,int steps){
  for(int i=0;i
    digitalWrite(stepperPin1, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(stepperPin1, LOW);
  for(int i=0;i
    digitalWrite(stepperPin2, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(stepperPin2, LOW);
  for(int i=0;i
    digitalWrite(stepperPin3, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(stepperPin3, LOW);
  for(int i=0;i
    digitalWrite(stepperPin4, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(stepperPin4, LOW);

void loop(){

i can under stand code when i read it but i can never get it out how i want it, took me some time to get this too work.

i think there could be an issue with the fact all my step and dir pins are all beside each other. maybe that could be the cause of some of the noise, but if that was the case it should still do it, if there was just one stepper on it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


well today i got all my wires attached and now it is tested. i tested one spot at a time but i am sure they all work they way there supposed too.

in the next few days i will test it with more motors at the same time. but for now i am happy, it turned out to be allot more work than the last one. i just need more room for everything,  even with this proto shield, it had allot more room but it was still too small in some areas. if (more like when) i make my next one i will just use perf board i think. then make some cables that connect what i need to the arduino mega.i would like to do a much cleaner job but it just needs more room.
and now for the scarry pic
but i think this is an improvement over my last one. there was allot more to solder on this one that i can tell you.

one of the othere goals with this one was to be able to attach a bigger heat sink to all of the drivers and i think i can do it with this one has soon has i can figure out how to get to the driver chips that are lower than my solder joints, but i have an old P3 heat sink that i think will work once i can mount it right.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

updateing my hardware already

i am not even done building my reprap and i am already trying to up grade my hardware. my old board i could only get 3 stepper motor drivers on it,  but not i can fit all 4 on it and with a little better spacing.

i have more work to do on it still, i might have it done tonight if i have the time.

my next order should have another arduino and another stepper motor. i am still trying to figure out how to attach my threaded rod for my z axis to the base plate, but that will come sooner than later i hope

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


today i got a little more done on my reprap frame, i hope i didnt put the frame up too high but for that i think only time will tell, but i think it still has more room than a maker bot, i think.
i found a piece of counter top that the last owner left behind and i cut it to fit, it was a little more snug than i wanted but it worked. i am not very good with wood, not at all.

i also made a few extensions for 2 of my stepper so that i can have the arduino in a much better spot.

i did get an idea today for another way to build an extruder tip and that was to use a air hose quick connect  something like in the picture below but made so that you could thread the tip into it, i will see if there is a way to make it work, it dose strike me has a good idea though
i think it would give more area to screw into a peek thermal insulator, but i think that may work with little work i will have to see. for now i am sticking with my bolt until i can think of another idea.

i am up to 10 followers, YAY.

It is more than i had a few months ago

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

stepper drivers are in

ya today my stepper driver came in today so i was able to get the rest of my shied together and so far it seems to work. now i just need a 4th stepper and a few other things.

but they all fit on there nicely and seem to all work well and i need to figure out how to get some sort of heat sink on them thats what i think i should do any how for them. i am now also trying to figure out how to make a circuit for my end stops and i think i will need more of them too, i want to use them on both ends of all of my axis so i will need 6 in total.

i also got some other figureing done today too and i think i know how i will mount my extruder  now

i think this will work for me, i still need to get some more stuff build so a few things may change still.

but over all i like it, and how it is progressing, i still need to get a few more things done here soon like my z axis but things at starting to get pieced together now.

i have some more parts coming in the mail, but they are nothing too major just some things to help me refine it a little more.