Tuesday, May 11, 2010


today i got a little more done on my reprap frame, i hope i didnt put the frame up too high but for that i think only time will tell, but i think it still has more room than a maker bot, i think.
i found a piece of counter top that the last owner left behind and i cut it to fit, it was a little more snug than i wanted but it worked. i am not very good with wood, not at all.

i also made a few extensions for 2 of my stepper so that i can have the arduino in a much better spot.

i did get an idea today for another way to build an extruder tip and that was to use a air hose quick connect  something like in the picture below but made so that you could thread the tip into it, i will see if there is a way to make it work, it dose strike me has a good idea though
i think it would give more area to screw into a peek thermal insulator, but i think that may work with little work i will have to see. for now i am sticking with my bolt until i can think of another idea.

i am up to 10 followers, YAY.

It is more than i had a few months ago


  1. Hey. Let me know how your extruder design comes. I have those same welding tips in .6mm and was going to cut it down for the tip. I was going to use the welding tip as the orifice and solder it inside a piece of 1/4" I.D. copper pipe. The one issue I see with the quick connect would be the mass.

  2. i am using the .o35 ones my self, i was able to drill them out to 3.2 mm untill right near the tip, and i wrapped my nichrome around them, when it comes to thermal mass i know i will run into trouble with my current setup, it is a bolt drilled out and threaded to take the welding tips, i am doing it partly just to see how well it work, i kinda like the idea of the hex head to hold it in place, to i may jus thave to find a way of using it in 2 pieces, to allow a thermal insulater in the middle. you can see it in my other posts, but over all i am satisfied with my work.