Tuesday, May 4, 2010

stepper drivers are in

ya today my stepper driver came in today so i was able to get the rest of my shied together and so far it seems to work. now i just need a 4th stepper and a few other things.

but they all fit on there nicely and seem to all work well and i need to figure out how to get some sort of heat sink on them thats what i think i should do any how for them. i am now also trying to figure out how to make a circuit for my end stops and i think i will need more of them too, i want to use them on both ends of all of my axis so i will need 6 in total.

i also got some other figureing done today too and i think i know how i will mount my extruder  now

i think this will work for me, i still need to get some more stuff build so a few things may change still.

but over all i like it, and how it is progressing, i still need to get a few more things done here soon like my z axis but things at starting to get pieced together now.

i have some more parts coming in the mail, but they are nothing too major just some things to help me refine it a little more.

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  1. For the heatsinks I use these on video cards when I move to water cooling.

    Here are some cheap ones. http://www.directron.com/silveramsinks.html?gsear=1

    And these are the ones I use on video cards.