Sunday, May 16, 2010


well today i got all my wires attached and now it is tested. i tested one spot at a time but i am sure they all work they way there supposed too.

in the next few days i will test it with more motors at the same time. but for now i am happy, it turned out to be allot more work than the last one. i just need more room for everything,  even with this proto shield, it had allot more room but it was still too small in some areas. if (more like when) i make my next one i will just use perf board i think. then make some cables that connect what i need to the arduino mega.i would like to do a much cleaner job but it just needs more room.
and now for the scarry pic
but i think this is an improvement over my last one. there was allot more to solder on this one that i can tell you.

one of the othere goals with this one was to be able to attach a bigger heat sink to all of the drivers and i think i can do it with this one has soon has i can figure out how to get to the driver chips that are lower than my solder joints, but i have an old P3 heat sink that i think will work once i can mount it right.


  1. Just what I'll try to do.. Please keep posting on your progression!!!!
    I think it is the way to go..

    Do you use a Arduino Mega ?

  2. yes i am using the mega, i decided it was the best way to go, seeing how much more ram and memery there was on it, and has a side benifit its size, has gave me allot more room to work with, i dont think i could have gone this way with any of the smaller arduino's

  3. Hey Dissidence, I just stumbled upon your blog. It's great seeing that I'm not the only person in Saskatchewan who's interested in 3d printing. I'm down in southwest sk. I just recently started printing the parts I need to build my mendel using my makerbot. I might end up picking your brain a bit when it comes to the electronics part.

  4. there are 3 of us that i know of now the other fellow is ksmith1 i am an hour south of moose jaw where are you near.?

    i am trying to find more people close to me that are interested in this area, but if you have a makerbot i may have a need of your services.