Wednesday, June 16, 2010

mega files

i have still been working with eagle to try to make my steup a little better, i need to add the endstops in still but i do like how this one is turning out to be much better. once i get the endstops in i will make a wiki page for it, and  post them to

i do like this layout better, one of the other things i did was move the engage and dir to the digital I/O instead of the PWM, i did leave the step inputs on the PWM. a friend of mine mentioned that i may get a better siginal  if i left them there, and that he thought the other ones didn't need to be there. 


  1. looking good. If you switch pins 26 and 28 in software, then you can avoid the loop-round that one track does - and if you can, avoid routing between pads as it does get pretty tight and your soldering has to be good (Y_CON?). If it were mine, I'd also be a bit careful about some of the diagonal tracks right next to the pads - A_CON and Z_CON both have a track passing very close to the pads. 'clearance' between tracks is generally a good idea, making it easier to manufacture and to solder. :-) I've been reading up on PCB design tips today and learning a lot too :-)

  2. I like it too! Bad news but Makerbot is coming out with one in the next couple of weeks :-( Are you going to try to make the pins compatible?

    Mark F

  3. i have not seen what makerbot is doing, depending on how they do it i may try to make it compatible but i would like too but they also have more time and money to spend designing there has well. in that regard i am sure theres will be better made