Sunday, July 25, 2010

another board, it was a slow day

well yesterday i decided to try to make another board, i saw one on a blog some where, that was just a board to drop in  a pololu 4983 stepper motor driver carrier you can find it here. i like it allot so far it has been very easy to use and very powerful.

but on this board there are the inputs for the driver, step, dir, enable. on of the other things i was able to do with this one that i do like, is that i was able to make the stepping adjustable from full to 1/16th micro-stepping. i did that with the 3 rows of pin headers at the top. i was also able to have the outputs for the end stops out on this board too, so that for each driver has its own end stop connections on each board, so that you know what end stops are for what motor. all i did with them though i provide a power pin and a ground pin and a signal pin for min and max end stops, in time i want to ad the opto end stop circuitry onto this board.

nut the board that inspired me to make this was for this stepper drivers bigger brother. and i wish i could remember who it was that made it so that i could give some credit to him where it is due. i liked the idea so i thought i would try to make one for this board. i also am making this board with a PC power supply in mind, so that is why i only have the one connector for power and ground.

if any one has any other pointers please feel free to tell me. i am still trying to figure out how to get eagle to make the edge of the boards so that i know i can make them from a service like the one sparkfun offers or seed studio offer

oh ya i forgot i posted it on thingiverse


  1. Hi Mike, thanks for dropping me the comments on my blog and asking to give me a shout out on your board :). I like what I see here, also I must admit that my abilities are limited so looking at ExpressPCB PCBs is a little easier on my eyes than the package you're using. Your CAD package (Eagle?) looks way more sophisticated.

    My only comment at the moment is that your trace widths look a bit narrow for the motor. Since they are 2A peak, I think you want to go bigger. I just went as wide as I could route to be on the safe side, but ExpressPCB's docs recommend 0.060" traces for 2A if I'm not mistaken. I also used a ground plane to keep the stepper driver happy (according to their datasheet).

  2. i missed that to thank for pointing them out, i did that on the other ones i did too, i missed it on this one though, it is fixed now.

  3. Ok, great to hear! BTW, I went ahead and posted my board on Thingiverse yesterday, since I ran a small batch of prototypes.