Saturday, July 24, 2010

a few little updates

nothing major to update, i will be going on a trip for about a week next, so when i am in alberta i hope to get some parts that i am having a harder time finding here. mostly just small things like the metric nuts and bolts. and a few electronic pieces i need in order to make my power supply.

but i did notice there are a few nice new tools out there this week with the updates to Replicator G, they have some nice updates on it, that i think allot of people wanted to see. blogger has a nice new tool avainable now too, i like the new stats tools it now has.

though the other day i could have sworn i saw a nice pololu stepper driver board on thingiverse but now i cant seem to find it. but i did like it, it had a good layout.

i am also thinking about starting a canadian store for reprap parts and makerbot parts. it is still just an idea but i like the idea, and i think canada could use one, but for now i am just mulling it over. and looking into what i would need to do.

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