Friday, July 9, 2010

just wanted to say thanks

hey there i just wanted to say thanks to Kevin  who sent me some extra parts he had, so i got around to building it, and i still need a few bolts for it and some other things to get it all in there and done up right. but i thought i would post a few pics of my progress on it, and i hope to find the bolts i need soon. but for now i just wanted to say thanks for the help.

i must say i do think the build quality on these parts is rather good, i hope he didn't give me his good ones.

but from this i will have it all up and running soon i think, and i am allot closer than a was a few weeks ago..

for now i am just happy to get this far one step at a time.

can any one help me mag a gear i would like to have made though. i want a longer spur gear for the stepper motor i dont think this one will fit it just right has is, it is a little to far back i think.


  1. I would like one part reprinted, it is a little short for my motor if you could help me there that would be great, i just need a longer spur gear for the stepper motor made, and with only one flat side in the middle. if you want i can try to make a stl file for you if you would like.

  2. These are indeed the extruder parts from the set that I bought from Nophead. I had already received a set of identical parts (with equally good quality) that I bought seperately.
    Mike - did you manage to get the gear off of the motor that I sent? If so, how did you manage it as I have 3 more of them which also have gears on them.

  3. Sorry I only just noticed your request. Yes I can print you a new pulley if you send me an STL file. I can't make one myself, like I have done for all the other pulleys, because the original is in AOI.