Saturday, July 3, 2010

to build an extruder or to buy one

now that summer is here i am looking at my options when it comes to my extruder i am not sure if i will have all the time i need to build one now, so i am thinking about buying one.

i have ordered from makergear before and i did like what i ordered and they have a nice kit here

are there any other good deals out there.?


  1. Mike, due to some overzealous purchasing I have duplicate parts for Adrians Geared Extruder that I will let you have for free. They include all the RP parts, the 3mm threaded rod, and the splined insert to drive the filament. All you would need from makergear is the insulator, barrel, nozzle, and heater. You would also need a nema17 motor and a couple of bearings.
    Kevin Smith

  2. Im also selling extruder kits.
    Im using Rapmans hot-end and Wade's bolt.

    If you are interested shoot me an email to order at arcol *dot* hu.

    I will (obviously) publish the details once I built my own. In the meantime, there is email communications.

    Best regards,