Saturday, August 28, 2010

getting a few more boards done

well i have got 1 more board done, and one more modified, i modified the thermistor board so that it can now read 2 thermistors, and i made the one board that will be for my opto end stop  connections and i am thinking the heater controller board. once i get settled on a design.

i also need to start to find ribbon cable, so that i can make my cables for my end stops. and a few other things.

i am going to need to get some pulleys made soon so that i can start to work on my Z axis i will need them to be made so that i can get a hex nut in them that is 14.1 mm wide in it,  so if any one knows of a design that will work please let me know. i dont have any timing belts yet so that is not an issue has of yet.

what will be a pain though is that i have to go out of town for a month, so i will not be able to make much progress like this for about 4 weeks, so that is disappointing, but i hope to learn how to use the host software while i am out of town. but i should be able to post any other ideas or potential discoveries that i come across.

ps i only have white solid core wire. when i have some spare money i will be buying some more supplies, yay for very tights budgets.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

testing firmware

I am looking at starting to test some firm ware out on my mega, so i was wondering what people have tried on there arduino mega, and what they have liked.

I am looking at using the fiveD or the hydra firmware but i thought i would ask and see what people liked and what has worked for them or has not worked so well, any how let me know

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one more small step done

the other night i was feeling the urge to make something and i made the circuit i needed for my 100k thermistor. i still need to double it up so that i have one for my heated bed too. but that will be a little while yet.

tonight i will try to add another circuit onto it so that i can read more than one thermistor at a time.

this is where i got my circuit and code from to test it, and i think it worked fairly well,
but i may add one pwm controller onto this board i think there will be more than enough  room for the 2 more circuits on it. but for now i am happy with my results, and it worked good from what i saw.

Friday, August 20, 2010

got an idea or two today

today when i was at work i had a few ideas come to mind today but i am not too sure how well or if they would work..

first one. i was thinking about some of the thermal warping issues people have been having, and one idea struck me, what if you printed a box that was just 1 or 2 layers thick around the  item, or there was that method of doing the support around the object that for the most part would break off. so i found my self wondering if you put that around some items would they be less prone to warping if you did that. and yes i also know that means that a person would be using allot more plastic for each print.

and secondly. one thing i would like to try to do on my repstrap is to try to find a way to let it calibrate itself, for the all the X Y Z axis. i am going to have end stops at both ends of all of them, so why could it not have some sort of routine to calibrate on there own. you would have to give it the measurements between them in cm/mm but i do think it could be done, and it would also be a good way to tell if the motor is skipping steps too. but if it knows it went out 500 steps and back 500 steps, if it got home and it was out of tolerance, say 505 steps it would them send a flag to the user to look at it.

but any how let me know what your thoughts are on these ideas.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

hey there i am back.

well i got the major part of my extruder together and running, i now need to start working on my heater barrel.

but this is good to see that i am making progress, i do need to start working on my platform now too, i have been letting that slide trying to get the extruder this far. but i am impressed with the pololu drivers they seem to work very very well. they were running hot for this test, so i turned to POT on them down and that helped allot, though i did notice that has i turned it down that if i went too far it did not have the power needed to push the filament through. but has i got it tunned better it was not nearly has hot, so that is good.


in this video i adjusted the setting so that it moved more of the filament through,

but over all i am happy with this, so it is a good way to end the day,
so have a great day

a quick update, i will post more later today

here are some pics

Sunday, August 8, 2010

AT PSU issues

yep the AT PSU i bought in calgary has issues, has soon as i put a load on it, it shuts off, and all i used for a load was just a 60mm 12v fan, from a computer.  the shop i bought it from said he was not sure if it was in working order, but he will try to get me another working one if this one did not work.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


i am back from my little road trip, it was a good break away from my work, but now its back to the grinding stone.

when i was in calgary i did manage to get a few more things i wanted, like and AT power supply witch did not seem to work but the idea was there. , a couple of smaller fans, some 4 mm wing nuts, and a piece of 4mm ready rod. 

but i did put my multi meter on it, and it puts out a little over 10v on the 12v line. so i will have to take it apart and see if i can find the cause of this issue, i thought the idea of using an AT PSU would save me some trouble.