Saturday, August 28, 2010

getting a few more boards done

well i have got 1 more board done, and one more modified, i modified the thermistor board so that it can now read 2 thermistors, and i made the one board that will be for my opto end stop  connections and i am thinking the heater controller board. once i get settled on a design.

i also need to start to find ribbon cable, so that i can make my cables for my end stops. and a few other things.

i am going to need to get some pulleys made soon so that i can start to work on my Z axis i will need them to be made so that i can get a hex nut in them that is 14.1 mm wide in it,  so if any one knows of a design that will work please let me know. i dont have any timing belts yet so that is not an issue has of yet.

what will be a pain though is that i have to go out of town for a month, so i will not be able to make much progress like this for about 4 weeks, so that is disappointing, but i hope to learn how to use the host software while i am out of town. but i should be able to post any other ideas or potential discoveries that i come across.

ps i only have white solid core wire. when i have some spare money i will be buying some more supplies, yay for very tights budgets.

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