Friday, August 20, 2010

got an idea or two today

today when i was at work i had a few ideas come to mind today but i am not too sure how well or if they would work..

first one. i was thinking about some of the thermal warping issues people have been having, and one idea struck me, what if you printed a box that was just 1 or 2 layers thick around the  item, or there was that method of doing the support around the object that for the most part would break off. so i found my self wondering if you put that around some items would they be less prone to warping if you did that. and yes i also know that means that a person would be using allot more plastic for each print.

and secondly. one thing i would like to try to do on my repstrap is to try to find a way to let it calibrate itself, for the all the X Y Z axis. i am going to have end stops at both ends of all of them, so why could it not have some sort of routine to calibrate on there own. you would have to give it the measurements between them in cm/mm but i do think it could be done, and it would also be a good way to tell if the motor is skipping steps too. but if it knows it went out 500 steps and back 500 steps, if it got home and it was out of tolerance, say 505 steps it would them send a flag to the user to look at it.

but any how let me know what your thoughts are on these ideas.

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  1. Forrest Higgs has done some work along these lines with what he calls aprons around the corners to prevent warping, see: