Thursday, August 19, 2010

hey there i am back.

well i got the major part of my extruder together and running, i now need to start working on my heater barrel.

but this is good to see that i am making progress, i do need to start working on my platform now too, i have been letting that slide trying to get the extruder this far. but i am impressed with the pololu drivers they seem to work very very well. they were running hot for this test, so i turned to POT on them down and that helped allot, though i did notice that has i turned it down that if i went too far it did not have the power needed to push the filament through. but has i got it tunned better it was not nearly has hot, so that is good.


in this video i adjusted the setting so that it moved more of the filament through,

but over all i am happy with this, so it is a good way to end the day,
so have a great day

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