Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one more small step done

the other night i was feeling the urge to make something and i made the circuit i needed for my 100k thermistor. i still need to double it up so that i have one for my heated bed too. but that will be a little while yet.

tonight i will try to add another circuit onto it so that i can read more than one thermistor at a time.

this is where i got my circuit and code from to test it, and i think it worked fairly well,  http://reprap.org/wiki/Temperature_Sensor_1_1
but i may add one pwm controller onto this board i think there will be more than enough  room for the 2 more circuits on it. but for now i am happy with my results, and it worked good from what i saw.


  1. Where did you buy your circuit boards?
    I've been looking to buy mine from BotMill.com

  2. i got mine at seed here this is there small one http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/protoboard-5cm-7cm-p-266.html?cPath=104_105

    this is there big one

    but so far i have ordered more than a few things from them with no issues. and there shipping to Canada is cheaper than if it is mailed from inside Canada

  3. i have odered parts from http://www.robotshop.ca/





    this site looks old but they have some danm good prices on some stuff http://www.web-tronics.com/