Tuesday, September 21, 2010

yay for work

i am still hoping to be able to do some more work on my reprap wail i am out of town for a month, but the satellite internet here at this mine camp, is very very slow at times. so i am not sure just how much i will be able to do on my blog, but i will do my best.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

been busy with work but i did find a few things

i have been very busy with work this week, but today i was able to get a few more handy things,

i found a nice heat sync that i will try to mount on the tip of my extruder to help keep the heat away form the extruder barrel, i also found some 2 pin connecters for not a bad price, i hope i can get some more from B&E they were cheaper there, but i have not been able to get there but i hope to by the end of the month
i also found some carbon air filters, i do need these for a previous fume extractor i made, from a dead ATX PSU

From projects

but the other day i got my new arduino delivered to my home. but i am out of town working.
i hope that i can try to use it soon, i am thinking that i will use it for control my heaters and read my thermistors. i am thinking i will also try to use it to drive my lcd screen for my repstrap.

i like the idea of a dual controllers for the project because you can use it to help turn it off if it freezes up you can have it turn everything off has a safety feature. i will try to work on that feature when i get more competent with my programing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

started the wiring

 on the inside of that cpu heatsync i mounted the power resistors for my 5v power rails.

 i thought this would be a good way to save a little space.

 i hope that those will hold the threaded rod well enough for now. untill i can print somethings that is better.
i started to put my endstop wiring in and i think i may have found a good way to save a little space on my repstrap for my screen

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i wish i could remember who made the extruder like this

I have been thinking about the idea of building a extruder barrel out of 1/2" copper pipe. so today i went out and bought some of the ends i would need for the copper pipe. but i also found this female threaded end there too. i bought it wondering if i could not get that to work if i found a way to thread PEEK to the inside of that and then have that hold the heated end, and then in the rest of it i will use. PTFE on the inside, but i do like the idea of going this route too.
this is a picture of  what i would like to try building i also need to figure out where
 i can find the PEEK and PTFE that i would need

this is the threaded end that i found. i think it could work fairly well for this idea

as it was pointed out to me it was nophead who made the one i was thinking about, thanks for pointing that one out to me, and thanks for a link to the post.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

halfway done my Z platform , Y platform

yay i am halfway done my Y and Z platforms i finally got around to getting the main platform mounted. i still need to secure the top of my Z axis bars. but i am getting there

 i just got my 4 mounting points on there in this picture. and in the ones  after i have it all on there and attached on with 1 small bolt in each one, it is not centered very well just yet so i know i will have to adjust it, i hope one of the first few things that i print will be some proper mounts, not ones using epoxy putty.

hey there is no more need for me to use that clock to hold it up yay.

in my creative run today i also managed to make a mount for my bolt, i mostly wanted to see if it would work for it. and for the most part it did. but i need some sort of spacer on the top of it. and i need something in to fill in the gap where the bottom of the extruder and top of the bolt. i also need it to be about 5mm lower or about a 1/4 inch. but this is some good progress.

i know you cant see it on these pictures but i have a small stepper motor from a printer mounted on the bottom of that plate that uses the timing belt there for my Y axis i hope it is strong enough to work for me. it will be a bit of a pain to have to redesign everything for a bigger motor there

 tomorrow i also hope to test my thermistor in the hot end, i made a mount for it in there but i have not had it in there to take a reading. i know it is getting hot enough to melt the PLA i have in the bolt, that is on my list of things to get to work on soon,
 i just realized that the pics are not my normal resolution so if any one wants to see some bigger ones let me know.

but this is great progress any how, at least now i am starting to get places on my mechanics again. i was starting to feel like i was leaving them behind. and now my friends here will be able to see how it is coming along here i dont think some of them believe that i am trying to make a 3d printer.

i also forgot to say that this week i was finally able to order some parts that i needed from seedstudio and robotshop.ca this will be great i will have another arduino nano to use for my slaver processor, another soldering tip for my soldering station, and i needed some more wire pretty bad, though, i think i should have ordered some stranded wire too. i just ordered solid. but i needed that for my prototyping at least.

i also got some more bread boards, 20 pack of 5mm rgb leds, 20 component mix pack that i needed to refill some of my stuff that i have been using up. and some split able jumper wire on another order too. so things are coming along. this is some parts that i wanted and that i needed,

Friday, September 10, 2010


today i noticed the repsnapper software, and i gave it a try, i have not worked with much of this software yet, but i did like this one, it for now seemed easy to use, and fairly straight forward.
i saw it and liked it so far to i just wanted to share it with you all.

Monday, September 6, 2010

one step at a time.

I have made a little progress on my project any how, i just wanted to post a few pictures that i took the other day to show, how my repstrap is coming along. there is no major devolopents yet, but it is still nice to see if you ask me. i put the clock under the one deck so that people can see how it will work when i do find a way to attach it to the ready rod for my z asix

i did manage to try a test of the mig welding tip extruder i did get it to work but the bolt that i got drilled out and threaded in the middle was not done how i needed it, i thought it was going to be an issue but seeing how the fellow that did it, did it for free, i am not going to complain. but i do think if i can find a way to reduce its thermal mass i can get it to work i do think the bold head is a great way to hold the barrel and stop it from moving around. but i will just have to work on it a bit more.

i know on one of my first posts on my blog i was told that i would have the issues that i have run into, and i do thank you for your feed back. so my challenge is to now see if i cant make it better.

but i do think i will need a longer than average extruder barrel because of how i needed to mount my extruder, has any one had to do this before. i am thinking i might try to see if i cant get some PTFE into a longer copper tube, i think that could work well for what i need.

Friday, September 3, 2010

it moves

hey this is some good news i did manage to bet my extruder mounted onto my Y axis. i did have to move the Y axis from the bottom of the top bar, to the top of it, so that i could mount it. but i did test it with the extruder on the top and it dose seem to work. and it seems to make less noise now too. so thats a bonus.


and here is my code that i managed to butcher in order to get it to work with my lcd and thermistor.


LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);

// Thermistor lookup table for RepRap Temperature Sensor Boards (http://make.rrrf.org/ts)
// Made with createTemperatureLookup.py (http://svn.reprap.org/trunk/reprap/firmware/Arduino/utilities/createTemperatureLookup.py)
// ./createTemperatureLookup.py --r0=100000 --t0=25 --r1=0 --r2=4700 --beta=4066 --max-adc=1023
// r0: 100000
// t0: 25
// r1: 0
// r2: 4700
// beta: 4066
// max adc: 1023
#define NUMTEMPS 20
short temptable[NUMTEMPS][2] = {
   {1, 841},
   {54, 255},
   {107, 209},
   {160, 184},
   {213, 166},
   {266, 153},
   {319, 142},
   {372, 132},
   {425, 124},
   {478, 116},
   {531, 108},
   {584, 101},
   {637, 93},
   {690, 86},
   {743, 78},
   {796, 70},
   {849, 61},
   {902, 50},
   {955, 34},
   {1008, 3}

void setup() {
  // set up the LCD's number of columns and rows:
  lcd.begin(16, 2);
  // Print a message to the LCD.
  lcd.print("hello, world!");

void loop()
   int rawvalue = analogRead(THERMISTOR_PIN);
   int celsius = read_temp();
    int fahrenheit = (((celsius * 9) / 5) + 32);

   lcd.begin(0, 2);
   lcd.setCursor(0, 1);

int read_temp()
   int rawtemp = analogRead(THERMISTOR_PIN);
   int current_celsius = 0;

   byte i;
   for (i=1; i
      if (temptable[i][0] > rawtemp)
         int realtemp  = temptable[i-1][1] + (rawtemp - temptable[i-1][0]) * (temptable[i][1] - temptable[i-1][1]) / (temptable[i][0] - temptable[i-1][0]);

         if (realtemp > 255)
            realtemp = 255;

         current_celsius = realtemp;


   // Overflow: We just clamp to 0 degrees celsius
   if (i == NUMTEMPS)
   current_celsius = 0;

   return current_celsius;

Thursday, September 2, 2010

AT PSU For The Win

yay most of my power supply issues are over now. today i got to the city and i was able to get the parts i wanted for my AT power supply, i needed some 10 watt resistors, thought what i did not know was what resistance to get, so i got some 5ohm ones, but thankfully they come in pairs so i was able to get the ohms for what i needed, i just paired them up in series so get what i needed. and now my AT PSU works  great for what i need it for, tommorrow i will test it out some more with the steppers so that i know it is working. i was also able to get a few other things i needed still so that was very very good.

i got them at B&E electronics in regina the guy who helped me was more than willing to go out of his way and help me, and was able to give me some good advice, so i will recommend them again with out any issues and there prices were more than good, then again i have not really shopped around too much, i was able to get my hands on a nice shrink tubing for my connections and some nice bare metal butt connectors too.

but all in all a good day.

and another interesting little tidbit was that last night i was able to get my arduino to read 1 thermistor, and post it to my lcd screen, so that did work, i am having issues trying to figure out how to do this for 2 temp inputs, but hey i am learning. and i am making progress, now to find some belts and pulleys any one have any good tips,  i think i will need a rather long one. if you wanna know why just look at some of my first posts and you will see my frame. i think i will have one of the largest units out there when this is all said and done.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

display circuit done

well today and yesterday were fairly productive. i got around to doing some more work on eagle, and on some more boards that i wanted to make. 

this board here is almost the finished display board i have on it 1 8*2 display and 4 input buttons, i thought they would come in handy so i added them on. 
this was my test board to make sure i could get it to work, i had more trouble than i was expecting but it did work. the one thing i do wish i did pay more attention to was the fact that i could have use one connecter for my display connections, oh well i should have thought about that one sooner, turns out has soon has you take the ones that you dont use and the ones that are just for power, all your data pins are just 6 wires. and 2 power so that was half of the ones i put on the board, oh well, made testing allot less trouble though.
i do wish my camera had a better res for its videos they always seems so blocky.

here on my mega shield i now have a thermistor circuit i will be adding another one to it here soon. i am trying to find a circuit for the heater bed and extruder heater, that i like, i am sure there is enough room on there for them, i might have to go to a smaller led, but i will get them on there. i will have my circuit posted to thiniverse here soon.

i am learning allot doing this and that makes me happy, now if i can only convince my wife this is a worth while project to be working on.