Saturday, September 18, 2010

been busy with work but i did find a few things

i have been very busy with work this week, but today i was able to get a few more handy things,

i found a nice heat sync that i will try to mount on the tip of my extruder to help keep the heat away form the extruder barrel, i also found some 2 pin connecters for not a bad price, i hope i can get some more from B&E they were cheaper there, but i have not been able to get there but i hope to by the end of the month
i also found some carbon air filters, i do need these for a previous fume extractor i made, from a dead ATX PSU

From projects

but the other day i got my new arduino delivered to my home. but i am out of town working.
i hope that i can try to use it soon, i am thinking that i will use it for control my heaters and read my thermistors. i am thinking i will also try to use it to drive my lcd screen for my repstrap.

i like the idea of a dual controllers for the project because you can use it to help turn it off if it freezes up you can have it turn everything off has a safety feature. i will try to work on that feature when i get more competent with my programing.

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