Wednesday, September 1, 2010

display circuit done

well today and yesterday were fairly productive. i got around to doing some more work on eagle, and on some more boards that i wanted to make. 

this board here is almost the finished display board i have on it 1 8*2 display and 4 input buttons, i thought they would come in handy so i added them on. 
this was my test board to make sure i could get it to work, i had more trouble than i was expecting but it did work. the one thing i do wish i did pay more attention to was the fact that i could have use one connecter for my display connections, oh well i should have thought about that one sooner, turns out has soon has you take the ones that you dont use and the ones that are just for power, all your data pins are just 6 wires. and 2 power so that was half of the ones i put on the board, oh well, made testing allot less trouble though.
i do wish my camera had a better res for its videos they always seems so blocky.

here on my mega shield i now have a thermistor circuit i will be adding another one to it here soon. i am trying to find a circuit for the heater bed and extruder heater, that i like, i am sure there is enough room on there for them, i might have to go to a smaller led, but i will get them on there. i will have my circuit posted to thiniverse here soon.

i am learning allot doing this and that makes me happy, now if i can only convince my wife this is a worth while project to be working on.

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