Saturday, September 11, 2010

halfway done my Z platform , Y platform

yay i am halfway done my Y and Z platforms i finally got around to getting the main platform mounted. i still need to secure the top of my Z axis bars. but i am getting there

 i just got my 4 mounting points on there in this picture. and in the ones  after i have it all on there and attached on with 1 small bolt in each one, it is not centered very well just yet so i know i will have to adjust it, i hope one of the first few things that i print will be some proper mounts, not ones using epoxy putty.

hey there is no more need for me to use that clock to hold it up yay.

in my creative run today i also managed to make a mount for my bolt, i mostly wanted to see if it would work for it. and for the most part it did. but i need some sort of spacer on the top of it. and i need something in to fill in the gap where the bottom of the extruder and top of the bolt. i also need it to be about 5mm lower or about a 1/4 inch. but this is some good progress.

i know you cant see it on these pictures but i have a small stepper motor from a printer mounted on the bottom of that plate that uses the timing belt there for my Y axis i hope it is strong enough to work for me. it will be a bit of a pain to have to redesign everything for a bigger motor there

 tomorrow i also hope to test my thermistor in the hot end, i made a mount for it in there but i have not had it in there to take a reading. i know it is getting hot enough to melt the PLA i have in the bolt, that is on my list of things to get to work on soon,
 i just realized that the pics are not my normal resolution so if any one wants to see some bigger ones let me know.

but this is great progress any how, at least now i am starting to get places on my mechanics again. i was starting to feel like i was leaving them behind. and now my friends here will be able to see how it is coming along here i dont think some of them believe that i am trying to make a 3d printer.

i also forgot to say that this week i was finally able to order some parts that i needed from seedstudio and this will be great i will have another arduino nano to use for my slaver processor, another soldering tip for my soldering station, and i needed some more wire pretty bad, though, i think i should have ordered some stranded wire too. i just ordered solid. but i needed that for my prototyping at least.

i also got some more bread boards, 20 pack of 5mm rgb leds, 20 component mix pack that i needed to refill some of my stuff that i have been using up. and some split able jumper wire on another order too. so things are coming along. this is some parts that i wanted and that i needed,

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