Sunday, September 12, 2010

i wish i could remember who made the extruder like this

I have been thinking about the idea of building a extruder barrel out of 1/2" copper pipe. so today i went out and bought some of the ends i would need for the copper pipe. but i also found this female threaded end there too. i bought it wondering if i could not get that to work if i found a way to thread PEEK to the inside of that and then have that hold the heated end, and then in the rest of it i will use. PTFE on the inside, but i do like the idea of going this route too.
this is a picture of  what i would like to try building i also need to figure out where
 i can find the PEEK and PTFE that i would need

this is the threaded end that i found. i think it could work fairly well for this idea

as it was pointed out to me it was nophead who made the one i was thinking about, thanks for pointing that one out to me, and thanks for a link to the post.


  1. I think you're thinking about the plumbstruder.

    If you can get amazon shipments, they sell ptfe and peek in small quantities through their industrial and scientific category.