Monday, September 6, 2010

one step at a time.

I have made a little progress on my project any how, i just wanted to post a few pictures that i took the other day to show, how my repstrap is coming along. there is no major devolopents yet, but it is still nice to see if you ask me. i put the clock under the one deck so that people can see how it will work when i do find a way to attach it to the ready rod for my z asix

i did manage to try a test of the mig welding tip extruder i did get it to work but the bolt that i got drilled out and threaded in the middle was not done how i needed it, i thought it was going to be an issue but seeing how the fellow that did it, did it for free, i am not going to complain. but i do think if i can find a way to reduce its thermal mass i can get it to work i do think the bold head is a great way to hold the barrel and stop it from moving around. but i will just have to work on it a bit more.

i know on one of my first posts on my blog i was told that i would have the issues that i have run into, and i do thank you for your feed back. so my challenge is to now see if i cant make it better.

but i do think i will need a longer than average extruder barrel because of how i needed to mount my extruder, has any one had to do this before. i am thinking i might try to see if i cant get some PTFE into a longer copper tube, i think that could work well for what i need.

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  1. Nice writeup.
    If you've got a drilled bolt, that is a very useful part, especially if you can screw in a mig tip.
    I'm guessing that your problem is that the heat in the tip is trying to conduct up and heat the whole bolt. either you have to put more heat into the tip, or make the thermal mass smaller. You probably need a PTFE insulator somewhere, unless you can machine the bolt thinly to cut down the heat flow.

    If you use a PTFE insulator, you can probably hacksaw the bolt in half - it's easier to attach a larger thread to PTFE, the small M5 thread easily pulls through.