Sunday, October 17, 2010

my electronics are almost done.

well has of today most all of my electronics are done, just gotta get them all cleaned up and mounted.
 once i get them all mounted i should have all that rats nest under control

 i have my pwm driver and my thermistor circuit in this pic.
here i have the arduino mega, the board for my arduino nano, and the board for my stepper drivers. on this reincarnation i have added the ability to change the stepping on it. though i have  more bug to work out with the power on it, nothing major yet, 

with all of this, i just need one more stepper and some pullies, to get most of my repstrap working.

i also need to start working on my code for the nano, i will most likely be moding  the hydra mmm firmware for this, but i really do have allot more to learn about programming than i did about the hardware.

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