Thursday, October 21, 2010

a new workspace

i have started doing work on my shed in my yard, i hope to turn in into a workspace for my repstrap and my other projects.

shed in progress

but i hope to have it insulated in the next month or so, and i hope to have it mostly wired up here soon. but it will take until spring to get power to it. but its a start, and i am happy to see it.

i have not had much time to work on my coding yet. but i am trying still. but i am glad to see that i am starting to learn a little more.

i have been thinking a little more on how to add some optical encoders to my repstrap. i saw a post with some on some dell printers. it seems like a good idea to me if i can find them. but here is a forum thread that has a few of the ideas in it, kinda funny though has it started with a question about micro stepping on the pololu stepper drivers that i was using. forum thread

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