Sunday, October 10, 2010

slave processor

i have decided to use a slave processor on my repstrap. i got an arduino nano from dfrobot so far i like it allot kinda wish it had a few more pwm outputs on it but so far i like it. i am hoping to use it to not only read the temps but to also control all my hot pieces,

here is the arduino nano, on the board that i made for it. on it i have the power inputs, thermistor inputs, led status outputs, 3 pwm outputs are moved to the edge for the heater controller. and the tx rx and grd brought to the edge for communication for arduino mega.

i decided to use 3 tricolor led's just because i had a few to spare, they are all on the same outputs. so they all turn the same colors at the same time. i am planning on using it to show the temps with the colors blue for cold, green for good, and red for too hot. i think this will be a good way to show the heat status at a quick glance. that is the idea any how.

this is the back of the board

but so far i do like the arduino nano its small and has the same cpu has its bigger brother.

but i am waiting on a few parts again, but i have a few more idea brewing still so i will post more soon.

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