Saturday, October 23, 2010

trying to figure out a few more things

i am still trying to work on my code. but i am not able to figure out how to do a few things yet, like how to get this two work with 2 inputs instead of 1

i am trying to make a flow chart of how i think things should work for my slave processor but it has been slow going on that front, so maybe after work tomorrow, any one have any good sites for that.?

i am also getting a few more things done on my shed i have another batt of insulation in it now, its a start, but soon it will stay warmer at nights, so i can work on it later in the day. but soon i hope to have more insulation in it, and the more the better.

i got the idea at work to try some other stuff to hold together a the heated end, is it a gasket maker that says it is good to 500F so i may make a test heater with it to see how well it holds up to the nichrome wire.

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