Monday, November 1, 2010

DSO nano V2 and some more work done on my shed today

well today i got some more work done on my shed, i need to get some more money for the rest of the insulation and wood.  but this is a really good start. i like what i am seeing now, and it is coming together well. i still need to figure out how to install a ventilation fan in it, so that i can solder in there with out any worries. but i am not finding some things i need to do that the way i would like to in the wall, but i now have my one desk in place where i would like it and it is now screwed to the wall. i hope to mount a small drill press there after xmas.

i also got my DSO Nano V2 from seed so far it seems easy to use, and very easy to read, i like it allot but i still have to use it some more. but so far i like it allot. i have not had much time to use it yet so i will post what i find later

it was smaller than i was thinking, though

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