Friday, November 12, 2010

hmm design flaws

i got my pulleys and everyting i ordered this time around, but i discovered i have an issue with my threaded rod, and belt, i think one of them is bent, and that when i have the pully on them they are all very hard to turn at the same time. so i have decided to try to remake my Z axis. i know it is not the time in my build that i want to do that,
i dont think that belt is going to work too well it was a pain to get it on there. and no place to attach the stepper to it has well.

I have been thinking  about the best way to do it do i do it with a cantilever type of over hang like this
this is one way i thinking about doing it.

this is the other way i am thinking about doing with the 4 threaded rods, i was just too lazy to re build the platform to look right for this one right now.
i do like this idea a little more but i will have to see what i can build, right about now, i am just kinda wishing that i had the funds to just buy a kit and just be done with it but money is too tight for that right now. after xmas maybe. i will see. but i will be ordering a new operators super pack from maker gear with this next paycheck, i just dont have all the tools i need to make what i want just yet. but i can do it once i get printing  then i can mod to my hearts content.

but for now i just need to do what i can and with what i can, so let me know if any one out there has any good ideas. or tips,

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