Friday, November 26, 2010

one more order placed

yay one more order placed today for parts.

Today at lunch i placed an order at for there operator super back .40mm hybrid. i was hoping to make my own but due to difficulty with sourcing materials and not having the proper tools, i thought this would be the best option. from what i can see on the web allot of people like there setup and i figured i would try it and see how it works for me. but i am also liking the thought of being that much closer to printing too.

i hope in the next week or so i can start testing building and testing a few more of my idea, so i hope i can get my repstrap working here again sooner than later. but i will have to test out my ideas to see what will work for me. but i will see both what i can find and what i can build. though i will say this dose leave me wishing that i had a few more of the tools i need, but this xmas i hope to buy a drill press, and that will go a long way for me too. the other tool that would help me allot is a table saw. so i hope to buy one of them closer to my bday. or at least i hope.

 i hope makergear ships on Monday. i am eager to get back to trying to get things working.

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