Sunday, November 21, 2010

one more wall insulated

the other day i got some more insulation for my shed, i was able to finish the roof and one more wall is nearly done. i just have a few small things left to do on it. like put in a pipe so that i can bring my power in through it. 
and patch up the insulation a little more.

 there was a few bats of the pink insulation left in there so i thought i would just leave them in there for now.
 i have the lights in the roof now, it has made id allot better to work in there now that i don't have to worry about that hot work light, and its short power chord

i need to take down that one bench still, i hope i can buy more wood soon at least it is allot cheaper than buying the insulation,  

i also now have an idea on how i can get my repstrap working again i am going to try to move a few more things around on in and see if i cant improve the layout so that i cant get it working better. i hope the idea works i guess i will find out soon enough though.

i have also been thinking it may be a good idea to figure out a way to add in thermal safety into the extruder hot end. i have been noticing allot of posts about bad hot ends, so i wonder what could be done to make some sort of safety into it,  but i am starting so see the benifits of using 1/2 copper pipe too, that would solve allot of issues too.

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