Wednesday, November 10, 2010


in the next few days i am hoping to get the pulley's i ordered, i have to say thanks to nop.head for doing that for me so thank you, i am still trying to find or make a good stepper mount that will work for me. i dont think i will have much room for a belt tensioner but i wont know until i get the pulleys.

 i am hoping to order a new hot end from makergear soon, with any luck it will be at the end of next week i can get some more money for it. but i also need to start to work on my print table again, i have the motor and pully i need for it already done but i do not have a printing bed or any form or rails for it setup right now, so i do know i have to work on that. i want to make it over to the local sign shop to see if they would have anything that will work for me, for now at least. but who knows.

i am also toying with the idea of designing a feed motor from the spool, kind like the up printer has. to me it seems like a good idea. but i will try to make it so that it is an analog circuit, it is just an idea that i am toying with for now to keep me busy. nothing major.

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