Thursday, November 18, 2010

shed and ideas

i am making progress on my shed still. i now have 3 lights wired up to a plug. in time i will wire a panel into it, so that all my lights and a power outlets will be done properly, but that will be after i get all the insulation and walls done. but what i have is now i nice start, seeing how i dont need to have my work light on now, it is allot nicer of a light in there now, not so bright in one spot, so that will make working allot nicer.

i will also start trying to build a few idea for my Z axis here in the next few days to see if they will work, but it would be allot less trouble if i had a drill press. it is getting to be very annoying difficult to build what i need without one. i am going to try using a 2x4 and putting 2 bearing in it, one at the top and bottom of it, that will give much better support for the threaded rod, but i will need to make sure it is straight now in order for that to work. any wobble in the rod and it will be very bad for printing. another thing i am looking into is copper pipe, if i can figure out how to mount bearings onto it. so i still have more work cut out for me. but i am getting there.

i will be starting to make a hard case design for my dso nano here soon, one so that i have storage for my probes in it, the one it comes with dose not have anything for its probes. i will post it on thingiverse when i get it done.

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