Saturday, November 6, 2010


i am now getting the ply wood up where i can now, i still need to get more insulation but the store ran out of the stuff i am using, so i have to wait until they get more in.
here i have one piece short on the ply wood, but seeing how i still have allot more to do still i am still happy. 

i am getting more of my wiring done now too. i think i am putting too many staples in there again i was always bad for doing that.

i have a piece behind the pegboard there now too, when i get the wall to the left done i will put up the board so that i can start using it. 

i now have the bench off that wall, when i up it back up i will use this one has my computer desk. it will be lower and i will have my exhaust fan in the wall on this side too.  i do need to start thinking about my power here soon though.

but soon i am hoping to get a few more things done on my repstrap here soon, i will also be posting another item on thingiverse soon so i hope people will find it handy at least, but i am still having issues trying to do some things in google sketchup

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