Sunday, November 14, 2010


i am getting a few more things done on my shead  whial i am waiting to get the money i need to order the parts for my repstap. i am still trying to figure out the best way to rebuild the part i need, i have a few ideas but i cant do much with them just yet, i need to find something or buy what i need, kinda wish i had the cash to just buy the frame and parts i need, but alas i dont, i will figure out something soon i hope...

but here are some fresh pics of my shed for now.

i got most of the one desk down now, and the shelf is down now too. i am also getting my wiring in now too, so that is nice to see, my breaker box is going to be to the right of the window.

i have more insulation in the roof now. i thought i was going to need 3 more for the roof but i was off and i will just need 2 of the 3 i ordered, so that will save me a little money.

more of the roof and the corner of the wall are done, tomorrow i will get the vapor barrier finished in the corner, and get the measurements i need so i can get the lumber yard to cut the plywood for me. 

any one have any idea on what to do with an old cabletron router, wonder if i can hack anything else into it.

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