Tuesday, November 30, 2010

visual programming

suffice it to say that i am not the most adept at programing, parts of my brain know when they want to do and well the other parts seem to have better things to do. but today i found 2 very cool tools for people out there like me, i found these in the arduino blog so i have to give the original blogger credit for finding these in the first place i wish i knew who he was but here is the link http://arduino.cc/blog/2010/11/30/draw-your-sketch-scratch-for-arduino/ but from there i was able to find these http://seaside.citilab.eu/scratch i do like this one so far, but i do find it a little limiting in how i am using, i still need to get a few more things straight but for me it is working good, but i do like a little more raw control. but you can use this one today, over the next few days i do plan on using it more. and seeing what i can learn with it. but the one thing i did not like about it too much is that it needs to always be connected to the arduino, i don't like that so much but for now it is a great way for me to learn.

but this one i want to try allot too, it looks like just what i have been waiting for. it looks to be allot like the other one, but i think it will allow me to control the inputs and outputs the way i want. http://arduino.cc/blog/2010/10/05/visual-programming-arduino-modkit-and-the-others/ and here is there main site http://www.modk.it/

this one is still in the middle of testing, but i have signed up for it. i do like what i see allot more on this one, and i dont think it will always need to be connected. that is something that i do need and want.

i would love to know if modkit can import sketches from the arduino SDK if so i am looking forward to seeing how the reprap firmware looks like.

this is a quick screen capture of S4A, so that i could show you.
 i was trying to edit that one so that it would have a random spot in it, and i did get it to work, 

but for me this is one big blessing, it will mean i can do that much more. so i am happy with it, and i hope a few others out there will find this post useful has well.

over all a very good night for me,

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