Wednesday, December 22, 2010


wow its Christmas again already, sure dose not take that long, i have been involved in my project for the better part of a year now. i have been watching this project for much longer than that. but i am doing my best to add what ever contributions that i can.

i have learned allot through out this whole process, about electronics, soldering and designing some of the things that i have needed. so over all i am very glad for this experience, and i am planning on doing my best to see it to fruition.

i still have allot to learn so far too though, but i am getting there bit by bit, and i hope i can find a few more small things i need in calgary, or so i hope at the very lease, i am glad i do not need a bunch more things. if i can get 2 more scanners to scavenge for parts i should be able to find what i need.

i have been working on my one frame idea a little i will have more up on thingiverse tomorrow or the day after.

i hope i can find some ribbon cable, it would make running some of the cables i need to make allot less trouble.

i thought it would be handy if i made a break out board for my arduino mega.

i will make the cables i need for it tomorrow, i thought it would be less trouble if i did it this way

that is the extruder mounted onto my printer frame

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