Friday, December 10, 2010

a crazy idea

i was reading on the reprap forums today and i saw a post that mentioned printable rods and then for some reason that got me brain going on one of its tangents,  and i ended up designing this today

i think with just these pieces you could make a printable chassis for a repstrap in order for it to work i know i would have to work on my distances in order to get all the pieces to fit right but it was the start of the idea any how i may try to work on it a bit more tonight and this week but i do think it is an idea that could work, i would welcome any help with this idea, i have tried to make it all printable, it is poster here too if you want the file

i know that i might have to change it a bit more to make it a little more stiff, but that could also be done after it was build cheaply enough too.

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