Tuesday, December 14, 2010

heated printing bed

today at work i found a 12v dc heated coffee mug, for less than 3 bucks so yay,

so i am thinking i can use it to make a hot bed for printing, it is a thicker nichrome wire, and on the box it says up to 72c at 12v on a car, so i am thinking that on a 12v computer PSU, i think it will get up to about 60c i think,  that should be enough to make a hot bed i think.

this is the box from the mug

that is the mug nothing special really.

this was the nichrome wire that was wrapped around the bottom of the 
insert of the mug, kinda scary that they had masking tape holding it onto the mug,

say hi to rara, my wifes dog, 

she is a very courious dog at times, and likes to play games that involve running away 
i am also starting to get more of the plywood up on the walls now too.

i also now have the last of my insulation in the walls now, i just need to put plastic over it, i will do that friday.
so i hope that after xmas i can finish the wood and start working in the shed,

but with all this i am making progress, so i am happy


  1. Good progress. On your heated bed idea, if you can find baby bottle warmers for the car, I used one to get to 80c on a heated bed, and it comes in a flat sheet.

  2. i will have to look into one of them.