Friday, December 17, 2010

repsnapper testing

seeing how i got my hot end all together, and working i was able to test it with repsnapper and tonokip firmware, i was able to test to see if hot end was not only working but able to extrude, and it did. so i am happy.

it heated up good, though i did notice that has it got closer to 200 the slower it got, though it still only took a short time, i think that was normal. but it was good too see that it is all working and reading the temps right.

i do like the setup that maker gear has, but for some reason i am always thinking things are going to be bigger. maybe it is just me but i always find it surprising.

i was hoping that i could find some pid code out there for thermistors, i was thinking about trying to get it to try to turn on a fan if it got too hot. i just need to get better at my coding i think.

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