Saturday, December 4, 2010

Z axis

i have found something that i think should work for my Z axis they are lifts for cutting wood, they had rollers in the top that in time i may have a use for. i will be mounting them a little lower than that but i thought i would give you a idea of how i am going to mount them.

i have them on both sides, i was not sure how stable 1 was going to be 

and here we have the plate that i am using for Y axis base, i still do need to get that one worked out still but i think i still have more time for him, i am just happy to be getting closer to my goal.

here is one before i took the roller off and turned the top bracket around. they way they were setup they had an ark to there travel, not just straight up and down. by turning it around the slides are now both on the same side, i am not sure if there was another reason for that just yet, but i thought i would try any how. 

there was some play on the stops there so i added a washer i had seems to be working so far, but it did make them a little harder to turn, i hope some grease might help solve that issue.

here is what they looked like after, with the rollers removed and the top bracket turned around.

With all of this i hope that i will have a mostly working Z axis, i still need to figure out how to attach pullies to it but i will try to tackle that one after i get them mounted a little lower on the frame. i am not sure just how accurate they will be but i hope more than enough for me to print the parts i want to make a proper unit. but only time will tell on that front.

i am also thinking i might just try to mount my Y axis right to the bars in there already, seeing how if i get them mounted nice and parallel they would work great and save me allot of trouble. though they are a bit confined for space.

on another front i am getting to be more at ease with using  S4A from my last post. i like it so far, i am trying to figure out how to get it to read a thermistor still but i have not given up on that one just yet. i find it to work well for me, but i am also finding it constraining still. i hope they can find i way to support more code soon, and so that i can use more of my PWM pins it is very limiting in that regard still.

that and i am hoping they support more arduinos here soon i would like to see what i could do with my mega, 

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